About the Fund

The Repro Legal Defense Fund covers bail and funds strong defenses for people who are unjustly targeted by police or prosecutors for ending their own pregnancy — that is, for self-managing abortion, outside of a clinical setting.

A person’s right to an abortion is protected by the United States Constitution, but many laws and policies keep people from accessing abortion care that they want and need. People who self-manage abortion — either because they can’t access a clinic, or because it’s the care that feels right to them — can depend on the RLDF to fund bail and provide financial support needed to mount strong defenses if they’re investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for ending their own pregnancy.

The RLDF partners with If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice as part of a multifaceted strategy to prevent, defend against, and put a permanent stop to the criminalization of self-managed and supported non-clinical abortion. Until everyone can access the care they need to decide if, when, and how to create, sustain, and define their families, the RLDF will get people out of jail and fund strong defenses against an intrusive and punitive carceral state.

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About Our Staff

Rafa Kidvai, J.D. is the Legal Defense Fund Director at If/When/How. Prior to joining If/When/How, Rafa was a public defender at the Legal Aid Society’s Brooklyn Criminal Defense Practice, Legal Fellow at Court Watch NYC, and Director of Immigrant Justice/ Paul Rappaport Equal Justice Works Fellow at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. Rafa’s work and activism has focused on queer and trans liberation, supporting survivors of intimate partner violence, economic justice, family defense, immigrant justice, and prison abolition. Rafa attended CUNY School of Law and Hampshire College.
Rafa Kidvai, Esq.

Mirna Haidar (they/she) is a Queer Muslim Refugee from Lebanon. Most recently, Mirna worked as a public defender at the Legal Aid Society’s Parole Revocation Defense Unit (representing people accused of parole violations at Rikers Island). They also serve as the steering committee Member of MASGD: Muslim Alliance for Sexual & Gender Diversity (amongst a ton of other organizing in queer Muslim spaces). Mirna attended CUNY Law where she was part of the Defender Clinic and CLEAR (a CUNY clinic offering free legal representation and support to primarily Muslim communities that are targeted by the government under the guise of national security & counterterrorism). They are a proud mama to twins Rumi and Noah.

Mirna Haidar, Esq.

Prior to joining If/When/How and the Repro Legal Defense Fund, Em worked at Beyond Legal Aid and Metropolitan Family Services to support survivors of interpersonal violence. Em’s background is working as a public defender in New York for at The Legal Aid Society and Brooklyn Defender Services where they proudly represented parents in abuse and neglect proceedings and parolees accused of violating parole. Born and raised in Chicago, Em is a graduate of CUNY School of Law in 2014, where they were a Hayward Burns Graduate Fellow in Human Rights and Civil Rights. Em loves her kids, cooking, and working towards a world where everyone gets to make and live in whatever family they want without state intervention.

Em Lawler, Esq.